Nowra Speedway

Hi and welcome to Falcone's Bread Nowra Speedway. Lots of things have changed over the off-season and we are itching to bring you a brilliant season of speedway here at your favourite track.
Nowra Speedway has gained a great reputation over the years, being known and supported by all the divisions that race in NSW. Its reputation for brilliant lighting, friendliness, a super good racing surface and tight and exciting racing make it popular with both competitors and spectators alike.
Racing takes place over the Summer with big meetings planned for the holiday season especially, to entertain both the locals and the many visitors who holiday here in the Shoalhaven region.
Nowra Speedway would like to thank all of their sponsors for making it happen.
As well we look forward to welcoming back all the volunteers who help us bring you quality racing each fortnight; without them we would not be able to do so.


Quick News!


Well, Saturday night didn't quite go to plan. A very disappointing way to see out the season. Thanks to the Vintage Sprintcar members who did their best to get the track back, but then the rain came again. frown emoticon We'd like to tank everyone who played a part in making the 2015/16 season such a big success. Spectators, competitors, volunteers, sponsors and club officials, everyone has done a wonderful job and we are very grateful. Soon we hope to announce a draft calendar for next season, but, before that, we have our Presentation that will take place at Bomadery Bowling Club on Saturday the 14th of May. Once again, thank you to all.


ANZAC weekend (23rd April) will be our last meeting for the 2015/16 season. It's been a great season, and, as a "thank you" to all of our faithful spectators and supporters, we will be offering reduced admission prices for this meeting. Adult admission will be at Pensioner prices ($15) and the usual $50 family ticket will cost $30. The programme will feature Microsprints, Compact Speedcars, GP Midgets and National 4 cylinder sedans. Save the date and help us see out the season in style.


This Saturday night we feature a huge open wheel night. As well as the National 4 Cylinder division, again boasting an impressive entry, we will have the Microsprints (including newly-crowned #A1, Rhys Marchant), the Lightning Sprints and a massive field of Wingless Sprintcars. A night not to be missed, be there early and get a good seat!


To all of our loyal spectators, we are very sorry for the way things turned out last night. We had booked a paramedical service as per Speedway Australia guide lines but the company we booked did not show. We tried a number of ways to get the speedcars on to the track and racing including ringing a number of service providers to get medics to the track but with no success. As a last ditch effort to get the racing going we contacted NSW Ambulance to see if we could get a car. Again this met with no success leaving us with no other venue but to run the speedcars as we did. Again on behalf of myself and all the hard working volunteers her at Nowra i apologise to you all. Terry Clarke Track Manager/Promoter Falcones Bread Nowra Speedway


In just a week and a bit we will be back at the track for our big Easter Saturday blast. It will feature Speedcars, Modified Production Sedans, National 4 Cylinder Sedans, Speedway Karts and a huge Demolition Derby!! Definitely don't miss this one!

Competitors please note that nominations must be in to Mark Whitehead by no later than 1800 (6pm) this SUNDAY (20th March) for inclusion in the programme.


Don't miss our next meeting this weekend, 12th March which will feature the NSW Titles for Legend Cars, Modified Sedans, National 4 Cylinder cars and Lightning Sprints.


Sadly our meeting set down for this Saturday, 27th Feb has had to be cancelled due to lack of nominations. Our next meeting is Saturday 12th March and will feature the NSW Title for Legend Cars. Don't miss it.


Don't miss our next meeting on Saturday 27th February. AMCAs, Formula 500s, National 4s, and Modlites and the first appearance for many years of the GP Midgets. Plan to be be there.


Don't miss our next meeting, 13th February, for the NSW Compact Speedcar Title and a supporting act worth seeing all by itself.


DEMOLITION DERBY WILL BE FOUGHT OUT TO THE END The last car running will be declared the winner of the Demolition Derby at Falcones Bread Nowra Speedway this Saturday night, January 23... Read More


Sadly, lack of nominations has meant that we have to cancel this weekend's meeting (27-2) Our next meeting will be the 12-3 and will feature the NSW Titles for Legend Cars. Don't miss it.


After the outstanding success of the Speedcar AGP (thank you to everyone who helped make it so,) attention turns to Saturday, 23rd January for the next meeting which sees the Super Sedans replacing the previously advertised Sprintcars.  Plan to be at the track on the 23rd and see these V8 monsters live.



The weather is fine, the sky is blue and race fans are going to start heading to the track soon for the 65th running of the Australian Speedcar Grand Prix. Supporting the midgets will be Wingless Sprintcars, Modified Sedans and Street Stock Sedans. There's never been a better Saturday to head to Falcones Bread Nowra Speedway than today. As they say in the classics, "Get your backside trackside" and we'll see you there.


Hey, fans, the weather here in the Illawarra has started to clear. It's overcast but it hasn't rained today!! The forecast (pffft, weather forecasters, what do they know??) is saying that the weather will be OK for the weekend.

Sooooo, Wingless Cars have also confirmed so we are going to have a HUGE rollup of competitors on Saturday night. The excitement is starting to build and we are SO looking forward to bringing you the Australian Speedcar Grand Prix and the supporting races.

Gates open at 4, racing starts at 6. It's going to be the meeting of the season so make sure you don't miss it.


Rain is continuing but is predicted to ease by the weekend. At this stage the Speedcar Grand Prix is still definitely ON.


After the huge success of last night's meeting we look forward to next Saturday night, 9th January for the 65th running of the Australian Speedcar Grand Prix, one of the most important meetings on the speedway calendar. There's no speedway on in Sydney that night so there's no excuse not to head on down to Nowra and watch the speedcar gladiators do their thing.


Speedway roars back into action this Saturday night, 2nd January. Gates open at 4 racing starts at 6. Don't miss it!


On behalf of Nowra Speedway Club we'd like to wish all our fans, volunteers, sponsors and friends, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to your company on Saturday night, 2nd January for our next meeting. Please drive safely and have a great holiday.


PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of Junior competitors, NO children under the age of sixteen (16) years are allowed in the pits under any circumstances.


Drivers and crew please take note. A COMPULSORY Driver's Briefing will take place at the pit box at 1700 (5 pm) at every race meeting starting with next Saturday night. ALL drivers must attend; not your mechanic, not your crew chief, not your team dogsbody, not your girlfriend, YOU. Failure to attend the briefing will result in you starting from the back of the grid. Please cooperate with us and avoid any bad feelings!


NEW CLUB MEMBERSHIP FORMS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!! Please click on the "Membership Form" menu on the web site. It will download a copy of the form. Fill it in and return it to the address on the form and you'll be set. Thanks for your patience.


Admission prices to Nowra Speedway for the 2015-2016 season have been REDUCED! Check the "Spectators" Tab on the web site for details

The Speedway contact telephone number has been changed. It is now 0401 663 930.

Competitors please note that, for ease of administration and to ensure that your entry is both accepted AND appears in the programme, ALL nominations must be in by the Sunday prior to the race meeting!

For all general enquires, contact

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